Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Buttons

Magnets for the Refrigrator, Magnets for Pendants or Bracelets.

My hand pressed buttons with cermamic magnets do fit
Magnabilities® Products - Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry.and Magneta-Snaps™

These are fun, versatile, and practical jewelry accessory.
They are also incredibly simple to make and use.
All you do is design and press a 1" button as usual,
add a magnet to the back of the button, then effortlessly snap it into place!

Here are some Photo Button Magnets

I have several "vintage" spoon braclets pictures above from my earlier jewelry making days they come in 4 sizes and have a magnetic closure on the back side so it is easier for you to put it on without help. The photo charms dangle is being redesigned so the the black top is no longer there. See the photo below.

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