Thursday, May 9, 2024

Do you kombucha?

December 2023 a fellow vendor (The Fermented Leaf, in Cheyenne Wy.) opened my eyes to a new flavor and experience. I now take bottles with me to events they are at to enjoy Kombucha at home. 

Fast forward to May 2024. 

My brother-in-law surprised me with a scoby hotel  in a 2 gallon jar ready for a new… kitchen experience.  I wrote down all his instructions and started my “F1 batch”. 

I joined a couple Facebook kombucha groups read up on the how to, if I’d done it right and what to do next. I totally appreciate the helpful brewers on the group! 

Feel free to check out these resources I used in addition to my brother-in-law 😊 Joe.

Reddit spreadsheet for flavoring recipes. 


I have also been a long time Thrive Life foods buyer. Living on a farm in western Nebraska, years ago I found that I like the convenience of freeze dried food. We have at least a 20 miles, drive either direction to get to a grocery store. So having things in the pantry works for me.  Freeze Dried used to mean “ long term” store it for an emergency for some people. For me it’s always been just easy, ready to use, good food. We don’t love everything we have tried, but I have learned what we do and always have that ready to snack on and cook with. Thrive Life is freeze dried with only what is on the can, check your label, it’s not dried with preservatives or chemicals. 

So of course I wanted to use my favorite fruits to make kombucha. Thinking… freeze dried fruit, once added to liquids can (if it gets forgotten in the frig) do what fresh does (mold etc) but will it ferment?


2gallon to start with, gently stired, then removed 2cups for scoby hotel to new jar plus top stuff. 

For F2: flavoring did these the same:      

  • added 1.5cup tea, stir, 
  • funnel into 33oz bottles, top off in need to leaving 1/2-1” headspace. 
  • Leave in room temp cooler with top open 1-2” (teatowel on lip so doesn’t close tight) 
  • check in 2-3 days. 
  • Moved to refrigerator to pause fermentation, when totally chilled checked taste and fizz
F3-Strained out pulp, not enough fizz? left on counter until room temp and put back in dry cooler. For 2 more days, 
  • back to refrig waiting to drink it. 


#1 : Cherry Limeade - powdered 40 sweet FD cherries with 1 tsp thrive life limeade, 1tsp sugar

#2 : CinApple :  FD cinnamon apple's.  Note to self- this fermented faster. Did not need F3. Exploded in cooler, glad I used cooler it kept in all liquid and most of the glass. 

#3 : Tropical : FD mango, sm can pineapple juice, powered vanilla

#4 : Sangria - FD grapes, FD cinnamon apple, FD oranges

#5 :  Pine-Dragon - sm can pineapple juice + FD dragon fruit, powdered vanilla

Cinnamon Apple - will try again.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Fall EWC Paint & Chalk

Combining painted wood cutouts and Chalk Couture patterns & and saying transfers we will create a Fall Door Sign. 

I need time to assemble all the wood cutouts & supplies, please sign up early with Donna  so we know your joining us!

Sign up & info call Donna White Community Ed Coordinator, Eastern Wyoming College
@ 307-532-8213

Choice #1 Fall Scarecrow

Choice #2  Sunflower Fence

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 2023 Club Couture

Just got BETTER!  Now you get the wood cutout as well!
This August Club gives you a great pumpkin for all Fall!
Our county Fair is over, and the Nebraska State Fair is Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2023. 

Join the Club now to use this fun design for your fair scrapbook page memories and then for your fall fun with the pumpkin! 


a unique, metallic gold called Nominee.

What is August’s Color of The Month? August’s Color of The Month is a unique, metallic gold called Nominee.

How much does the Color of The Month cost? Color of The Month paste jars are priced in accordance with other paste jars:  Retail price: $16 USD/$21 CAD

How do I purchase Color of The Month?  Once an order reaches the qualifying threshold—Chalk Site ($75 USD/$75 CAD before taxes and shipping) —the Color of The Month can be successfully added to the cart on the checkout page.

How long will August’s Color of The Month be available?
Nominee will be available beginning on August 1 at 9 am MT,
while supplies last.


Sunday, June 11, 2023

 Hey Fellow DIY'er!!

I'm so glad to have met you!
As promised here is the link and info for the second Crafty Palooza, on Saturday Aug. 5, 2023. at the Sidney Ne Lodgepole Valley Youth Camp.

Take time out of your busy life and be a little crafty. It doesn’t matter is you a beginner, moderately crafty or seasoned crafter, we all can benefit from a creative break to gather and craft. Sharing a common bond of creativity and inspiring each other, is good for us all.

You can Paint with Lou Ann or Make a wreath with Marguerite!

My paint/chalk workshop registration is at:
Marguerites' wreath workshop info is at

Gnomes: choice of 8” self standing gnome or interchangeable boy or girl gnome.  Select one to do in the workshop. These are several options to choose from.

Pickup truck 10 w x 12 h with you choice of 1 three piece add-on.
The add-on is changeable for seasons, holidays, etc.

Chalk Couture workshop, I like to use chalk designs and paste on most things I create, for gnomes and pickups there are patterns you can use also. But for the chalk couture workshop please pick a surface from my on-hand selection, or order one of the new surfaces from my online chalk site at

Want to do one of the above, from 6-9 instead, sign up for Night Owls.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Crafty Palooza Gnomes

 I have had fun cutting and painting these interchangeable Gnomes.

If you know me, you know I like décor that is versatile and changes with the seasons and is less to store. This couple is approx. 8 1/2" tall, with several layers. 

I cut on my diode laser in Grandma's Crafty Shed, painted and glued together.  The laser is so much easier, especially for intricate cuts, than in the 90's when I cut things like this with the scroll saw (which is still in my shed and I still use sometimes). Tools have come a long way, and I am a tool and gadget gal.

I will have 6 sets cut out for March 11th, 2023 at the Lodgepole Valley Youth Center at the Spring Crafty Palooza. You do need to register and pay to save your spot. All supplies provided. 

Can't make it to the Crafty Palooza, but want the blanks to paint no problem ask me about a workshop kit to take home. 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Let's Paint! 2023 Workshop

 I am back to doing workshops!! YEA!!  

March 11th, 2023 my crafty friend Marguerite, and I will be at the Lodgepole Valley Youth Camp in Sidney and we want you to join us for a crafty day!

 You can come for the day and do several workshops or come for just one! 

Find me on FB at

Find me on FB at
Cre8tive Chalk - lafrei - Grandma's Crafty Shed

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Do you kombucha?

December 2023 a fellow vendor (The Fermented Leaf, in Cheyenne Wy.) opened my eyes to a new flavor and experience. I now take bottles with m...